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I'm hoping to be able to share anything and everything Prim I can do/find with everyone.
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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Thrifty Thursday...

Sorry I've not posted in awhile, I've been busy makin' some Prim gifts for my sis. I have several new things...(new to me that is)...that I've made. I'll be posting pic of them once Christmas is over.
I've been busy fillin' my sewing room with GW, TS and Antique Store purchases that I will be workin' on after Christmas and posting for everyone to see.

Here's a few things I was able to make-over.
This is kinda my version of a "NoodleBoard". It's not really practical for us to have a Noddleboard on our stove...so I've placed mine on our bar in the kitchen.

Here's the before of some of the GW items I was able to purchase a few weeks ago.

I've had this piece of wood for a few years...I've hung on to it cuz I've always like it so much.
I was able to get it from my nieces farm. I think at one time it was a lid to something. I'm gonna have to ask her what it was used for. Anyway, I've always liked it....but never knew what to do with it. This is what I'm using as the top.
It doesn't look very big in the pic...but it's 22 X 16....works perfect for where I have it.

This is the bottom...the red is the original paint...I LOVE it....but with the 2 pieces of wood on it I'm not able to use it as the top....so I have to turn the Beautiful red over...UGH!!

Here's my version of the finished "Noodleboard".
The tiny pic frame I re-painted and added my "Family" permanent marker stitchery. The set of scoops I painted and aged. The candle paddle I wasn't able to get a before...but I jus' sanded it and rubbed some of my shoe polish on it...I made the UGLY Green candle into a Beautiful "Grubby" candle. The bowl is from a GW find awhile back. The bisque towel in the bowl I was able to get at an Auction.
I think everything turned out Great...it all works Perfect for us.

(BTW...you can click on all of my pics and get a large image to view.)

Hope everyone has a Wonderful Day!!


  1. Darla....it all works! I love how that all turned out. Especially love the scoops.
    Can't wait to see the rest!

  2. Hello Darla...looks like you had some good luck at the Gw & I love how your scoops turned out. Your noodle board display looks primtastic!

  3. Cute display! I love wooden bowls and have never found such a wonderful treasure as that at GW! The grubby candle turned out great! I have a stash of candles that I've been collecting... need to get busy grubbin' them up. The scoops turned out really prim too.

    Have a delightful day~