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I have always loved the look of Prim. The last several years I've tried whatever Prim crafting projects I could find. I love workin' with wood, sewing, stitchery, really any crafts...I could work on projects all day everyday!! (If life were that easy...LOL)
I'm hoping to be able to share anything and everything Prim I can do/find with everyone.
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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A few pictures….


I was messing with my camera and laptop…and was able to get a few pictures off the camera.

Here’s a few things I’ve made.


(Click on picture for larger image)

Here’s my stitchery and Teddy I made. Pattern for the teddy is from Tennessee Ridge Primitives if you haven’t stopped by her site…you will want to as soon as possible. She is having another awesome sale right now….10 patterns for $10. Someday I will own her “I want it all” CD. (Hear that Honey!…Hint…Hint!)

I can’t remember where I found the ABC stitchery pattern…I’m so sorry! If someone knows where/who made the pattern…Please let me know so I can give proper credit.


(Click on picture for larger image)

Here’s another simple stitchery I made. I have it hanging on one of my many, many baskets…(I am a basket girl!) The basket is sitting under my Old barn wood coffee table the hubs made for me a while ago. Once I get a nice setting on the table I will take pictures and share the Coffee table and End tables he made….they are one of my favorite things he made.


(Click on picture for larger image)

Here’s another stitchery…I have it hanging over the rods of an old chair. As you can see I’ve been making lots of them…I have lots of extra stitcheries made that I need to add to more prim towels. I love doing the stitcheries when I jus’ sitting and watch TV.


(Click on picture for larger image)

This I revamped. I changed the towel out for the nice stitchery pattern that once again…I have no name for who made the pattern. When I first started collecting free patterns I didn’t do so well with saving the names of the creator. I had no idea I would be posting pictures of my finished work to a blog…and didn’t think I would need to know the creator. So…once again…if anyone knows who created this wonderful pattern…could ya Please give me the name so I can give proper credit. BTW…I have since changed my ways.

That’s all for now…I do have lots more to share…but I really need to get my butt moving. I have new Prim Doll patterns I ordered from You Are So Special Patterns another awesome site to get wonderful Prim Patterns. You should definitely check her site out too…she is running a special on her patterns too.

Have a Wonderful Day!!


It's been too long....

Hello everyone!
It's been so long since I've posted...I've been busy with everyday life and busy with my Prims. Now that things have calmed down...I'll be posting once again.

My digital camera and laptop are not working together right now...I dunno why. So until I get them to be "friends" again...I'll not be able to post any pictures....Not good! Hoping the hubs and I can get it figured out soon.

I would like everyone to know...that even though I've not posted...I still come to my blog daily and read everyone's updates.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas...we sure did.

Have a safe and Happy New Year!