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I have always loved the look of Prim. The last several years I've tried whatever Prim crafting projects I could find. I love workin' with wood, sewing, stitchery, really any crafts...I could work on projects all day everyday!! (If life were that easy...LOL)
I'm hoping to be able to share anything and everything Prim I can do/find with everyone.
Be sure to follow my blog to see what we can create together.

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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Mystery Give-away Drawing date...

Morning everyone!!!
Thanks to all my wonderful Prim friends I've reached my goal of 5,000 hits and 100 followers!!
I will be drawing for our Mystery winner on....
Monday....April 5th.
If you haven't signed up....
Please go here to do so.....Mystery Give-away
Thanks so much everyone!!!
Good Luck!!!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My Prim Goodies from Donna...

Morning everyone!!
First off....
If you haven't been to Donna's selling blog...you need to go there now. She has a surprise for my Mystery Give-away.
Plus, she is having a Give-away on her blog....drawing is gonna be on March 19th...so ya better hurry on over there and see all of her wonderful Prim goodies she has....and get signed up for her give-away.
Here's here link....
With that said....
Look at all the wonderful Prim goodies she has sent me!!
She spoils me so much!!!

Here's my too cute diddy bag...with a tealight inside.
How creative and adorable.

Here's a tin can she made...she grubbied it Prim Perfect...and add a grubby tealight.
This picture does not do this cutie justice.
It is amazing!!!

Here are my Led light she dipped for me. They smell so Yummy!!!
I love how Grubby she was able to get them.

My crow she sent to me...I love how she added the grubby muslin with "Simplify".
I have jus' started to collect crows....I love him!!

Yep...there's even more!!!
My cute lil basket with homespun and a star....(I am a basket girl...Love, Love it!!!)
She grubbied some tealights for me....OGMosh....you should have seen what mine looked like. Big mess and oh so UGLY....and I don't mean ugly in a good way either. Bless her heart...she said send 'em too me....I'll grubby them for you.
My mustard tin star candle holder....mustard is my fav. color....and Stars are the theme for my Living room....(the room I'm workin' on now) How perfect is that.
The towel that everything is sitting on she sent to me too....she sent me a package of Flour sack towels....Plus, sent me 3 more all grubbied Prim Perfect!!!
Sorry I don't have anything in a display...I'm saving them to add to my Living room that I'm in the process of re-decorating.

What a Blessing for me to have such a wonderful friend like Donna....she is such a kind soul.
Thanks so much Donna....not jus' for the wonderful gifts you send to me...but esp. for the wonderful gift of being your friend. I'm truly Blessed to have you as my friend!!

Have a wonderful day everyone....and don't forget to stop by Donna's blog.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Mystery Give-away!!!

I'm almost at 5,00 visitors!!!
I'm at 80 followers.
What a Great time to have a Give-away!!!
But, this one is gonna be a lil different for me...
I'm having a "Mystery Give-away"!!!
So....here's what I wanna do...
I'll announce the date for the drawing once I reach 5,000 visitor and 100 followers.
Here are the "Simple" rulz....
You have to be a follower.
You have to post a comment on this posting.
You have to live in the US....(Sorry, shipping cost are to much to ship outside of the US)
You have to post my Give-away on your blog. If you do not have a blog....this rule does not apply to you.
That's it...4 Simple rulz!!!
Good luck everyone!!!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Watcha Workin' on Wednesday...

Sorry I'm late...I crashed last night before I could post my pics.
I still wanted to post 'em though.
Here are a few things my sis and her hubs made for me...I needed to sand and distress them....was only able to get them sanded. Will finish them today.

Here's my pile of stuff I worked on yesterday too....I was able to get everything done...but for the sconces.

Here's the sconces....I wasn't thrilled with the pointy tip....so I decided to sand it off. I'm pretty sure I'm not going to use them as sconces. I'm gonna finish workin' on these today too. I'll show ya my idea later...hopefully it'll work for me...LOL

Here's the cutting board I was able to get done....no display for it as of yet.

My material covered boxes....HUMMM
Well...I really do like them...but once I stained them....they looked like I had used the same material on both of them. I have each box sitting on the material I used. I thought I had enough of a contrast....but as you can see....it wasn't.
But...that's ok...I love 'em...they turned out to be really easy to do too. I'll jus' have to separate them.

I'll try to get some display pics posted of the things I've re-done.
Hope ya have a Great Day!!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

GW finds & a few New finds too...

Hello everyone!!!
Jus' wanted to post a few things I found at the GW.
This is my cute basket...(I'm a basket gal) I also found a bag full of these skinny long candles and the sconces.
Naturally, I need to add my Prim touch to them all.

Ok....now this is my problem with our local GW.
You see this picture...UGLY!!!

and look how beat up the entire frame is....

Now check out the price!!!
That's right...12.00 for this UGLY, BEAT UP picture!!!
What are they thinking?!?!?!
Now...you know I didn't pay 12.00 for this....I paid 1.00 because of the special they had that day.
But....these are the prices they have at our local GW....everything is so high priced...you can't really afford to go there.
I'm telling you....I get so mad every time I go there!!! By the time I leave...I could spit fire I'm so mad....LOL

Now on to my goodies I found.

I found the faux stitchery on sale for 70% off!!! YAY!!!
I love the wooden spool with the old looking tape measure on it. Was nicely priced too.
I must say....my sis and I found even more material yesterday...didn't take a pic of it. The flower material here I'm gonna us on a box...I've never added material to boxes...but I sure do love how they look....my sis and I are gonna try makin' some. Will post pics when we finish them.

Click on pictures to view larger images.

That's it for today.
Hoping to get with Cyndy and do some crafting....always nice to have someone to craft with...esp. when it's your sis.

Have a wonderful day!!!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Watcha Workin' on Wednesday...

Jus' wanted to show ya what I've been workin' on.

If you read my earlier post...you'll remember I was workin' on my Kitchen windows/lights.

Here's the before in case you've forgotten...

Here's the after...

I finally was able to get my curtains finished. Keep in mind...I have NEVER made curtains before...and I didn't have a pattern. But, I think the curtains and lamp shades turned out Great...and have made a huge difference.

Love 'em!!

I made the curtains out of Osnaburg material. I'm not sure if I should leave them this color or if I should coffee/tea stain them.
Any suggestions??

Click on picture to view larger image.

Have a Great day!!!