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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Watcha Workin' on Wednesday...

Sorry I'm late...I crashed last night before I could post my pics.
I still wanted to post 'em though.
Here are a few things my sis and her hubs made for me...I needed to sand and distress them....was only able to get them sanded. Will finish them today.

Here's my pile of stuff I worked on yesterday too....I was able to get everything done...but for the sconces.

Here's the sconces....I wasn't thrilled with the pointy tip....so I decided to sand it off. I'm pretty sure I'm not going to use them as sconces. I'm gonna finish workin' on these today too. I'll show ya my idea later...hopefully it'll work for me...LOL

Here's the cutting board I was able to get done....no display for it as of yet.

My material covered boxes....HUMMM
Well...I really do like them...but once I stained them....they looked like I had used the same material on both of them. I have each box sitting on the material I used. I thought I had enough of a contrast....but as you can see....it wasn't.
But...that's ok...I love 'em...they turned out to be really easy to do too. I'll jus' have to separate them.

I'll try to get some display pics posted of the things I've re-done.
Hope ya have a Great Day!!


  1. Very nice!! Can't wait to see what your up to with those sconces:)

  2. Thanks Carmen!!!
    I'm gonna get them finished today...will post pics as soon as I can.
    BTW..I jus' Love following your blog...Love everything you do!!! Someday I'm gonna try those wonderful candle buns you make...Love'em!!!
    Have a Wonderful Day!!!

  3. Darla, I love that bread board! Can't wait to see your sconces and the items from your sister. I think you boxes look great. Maybe you can find one inbetween the two sizes and do it a darker or different color to break them up? I will stay tuned...

  4. All looks great...Isn't it alot of fun!!!

  5. You did a great job... they all look fantastic... love your prim finishes... great job.

    Hugs, Deb

  6. OOOOOOOOOOOOH Girlfriend you did good !!! love it all ... cant wait to see whatcha do with them !!! WOW!!!!! Hugs ... Donna

  7. Loving it! I see what you mean about the boxes looking the same, but I love what you've done to them. They turned out great.

    I never would have thought about sanding off the point, what a great idea! Cutting board looks prim wonderful!

    Great job girl! Have a wonderful weekend~

  8. Darla I'm loving your creations and some of the things you & sis have been working on are just totally awesome! I'd LOVE to have you girls a couple of week, giggles!

  9. She's a craftin' like crazy:) Atta girl! Carol

  10. Thanks Jayne!!
    That's waht i thought...if I could find one...then I could make it with darker material. I'm on the look out for one...LOL

  11. Thanks Libby!!
    My sisters and I have been creating things like crazy...now I jus' have to put the finishing Prim touches to them. Hoping to get pics. posted in the next few days.
    It's been so much fun spending time with my sisters...they both work full time...so usually our time is limited.

  12. Thanks everyone for your wonderful comments and for taking the time to stop by my 'lil blog!!!
    I sure do appreciate it!!

  13. Hey GF,,, now you'll have to tell me how ya covered those boxes!! I want to do some!!! lol!! Stop doing this to me ..I have enough of my plate right now with orders!!lol!!! I'm gonna get thease Orders out and find the time!!! lo!!! Hugs!!!... D