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I'm hoping to be able to share anything and everything Prim I can do/find with everyone.
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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My Prim Goodies from Donna...

Morning everyone!!
First off....
If you haven't been to Donna's selling blog...you need to go there now. She has a surprise for my Mystery Give-away.
Plus, she is having a Give-away on her blog....drawing is gonna be on March 19th...so ya better hurry on over there and see all of her wonderful Prim goodies she has....and get signed up for her give-away.
Here's here link....
With that said....
Look at all the wonderful Prim goodies she has sent me!!
She spoils me so much!!!

Here's my too cute diddy bag...with a tealight inside.
How creative and adorable.

Here's a tin can she made...she grubbied it Prim Perfect...and add a grubby tealight.
This picture does not do this cutie justice.
It is amazing!!!

Here are my Led light she dipped for me. They smell so Yummy!!!
I love how Grubby she was able to get them.

My crow she sent to me...I love how she added the grubby muslin with "Simplify".
I have jus' started to collect crows....I love him!!

Yep...there's even more!!!
My cute lil basket with homespun and a star....(I am a basket girl...Love, Love it!!!)
She grubbied some tealights for me....OGMosh....you should have seen what mine looked like. Big mess and oh so UGLY....and I don't mean ugly in a good way either. Bless her heart...she said send 'em too me....I'll grubby them for you.
My mustard tin star candle holder....mustard is my fav. color....and Stars are the theme for my Living room....(the room I'm workin' on now) How perfect is that.
The towel that everything is sitting on she sent to me too....she sent me a package of Flour sack towels....Plus, sent me 3 more all grubbied Prim Perfect!!!
Sorry I don't have anything in a display...I'm saving them to add to my Living room that I'm in the process of re-decorating.

What a Blessing for me to have such a wonderful friend like Donna....she is such a kind soul.
Thanks so much Donna....not jus' for the wonderful gifts you send to me...but esp. for the wonderful gift of being your friend. I'm truly Blessed to have you as my friend!!

Have a wonderful day everyone....and don't forget to stop by Donna's blog.


  1. Boy-you are spoiled...hehe....j/k ya! ;)
    Donna sent you some wonderful goodies...she is so talented...I love it all! You are indeed blessed to have sucha wonderful friend!

    Have a great week!

  2. WOW Darla....Donna sure did bless you with goodies!! She truely is a sweetheart!!

    Love the rusty can light and the diddy bag light and that basket and star candle holder...how neat!!Cute crow too!!

    I'm sure everything will look great in your newly re-done LR...have fun decorating it!!


  3. Darla you are more than Welcome!!! What most of you do'nt know is that I am a Blogging Idiot!!!! If it were'nt for Darla,, I would not have a Blog!!!!!! I knew Absolutely NOTHING whatsoever about Blogging.... And Darla offered to help me out. Well though I am slowly getting the hang of it .. She was the one who set it all up for me. I ca'nt Thank you enough for all your help Darla!!! You are a wonderful lady... and I so appreciate all your help. And I wanted to send you a goody box ..and was more than happy to grubby those candles for you. I still cant thank you enough my friend!!! Have a great day!! hugs!!

  4. Wow look at all those prim goodies!!!! Donna is very talented.Have fun decorating with all your new beautiful prim goodies..Hugs

  5. Thanks everyone!!! and Thank you Donna!!

  6. Wow! How awesome is that!! It doesn't take very long at Darla's blog to see what a sweetheart she is! That is lots and lots of really neat prim things! I just started collecting crows last year. I love em too!

    Have a wonderful week my friend~

  7. Oh, and I was going to say that Donna has some really wonderful prim things for sale! I so love her work, she does a great job! How fortunate of you to now have so many of her wares!