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I have always loved the look of Prim. The last several years I've tried whatever Prim crafting projects I could find. I love workin' with wood, sewing, stitchery, really any crafts...I could work on projects all day everyday!! (If life were that easy...LOL)
I'm hoping to be able to share anything and everything Prim I can do/find with everyone.
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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

This and That…

Morning everyone!!

Sorry it’s been awhile since I’ve posted. Life has kept me pretty busy.

Anyway…I wanted to share a few things I’ve been doing.

Don’t forget to click on my pictures to view a larger image.

Here are some Hanging Rusty Wire Elec. Candles I’ve been makin’ and puttin’ everywhere in my house…inside and outside…LOL

These are the electric candle lights you can get at the dollar tree.

These two are in the house…



This one is outside on my back porch…looks awesome at night.


They are so easy to make…and perfect for placing really anywhere.

Here’s a few things the hubs  helped me make.

Jus’ a simple piece of old barn wood with a rusty wire and star added….fits perfect here.


Ok…I don’t have this all the way decorated. I have this hanging in my Living room…it’s the room I’m workin’ on…I pretty much have nothing decorated in this room right now. Plus, I’m not real happy with the way this pic is…it looks as though the shelf is tiny…trust me…it’s not…it measures a little over 3 foot long and 1 1/2 foot wide…it really does fit perfect. Plus, I think the hubs did an awesome job…now I jus’ need to get the right Prim goodies on it.


Here’s the Candle holder that I have hanging on the side of the old barn wood shelf….hubs made it too.


Here’s a few things I picked up yesterday…

I started to paint my basket…then stopped so I could get a before…then ran out of paint…gonna make a run to Wally World for paint…gotta finish my basket today.


Here’s a cute lil rockin’ chair. I’m not likin’ the blue….not sure what I’m gonna do with the blue…any ideas??



Yes…there’s more….LOL

Here’s a stitchery I did the other day…it was inspired by my Prim Friend Brandi Hall. You can find the Free pattern at Primitive Blessings. Thanks so much Tiffany for sharing this pattern with us…and to Brandi for showing us her beautiful version of Tiffany’s pattern.

Here’s my version…


Here’s a couple sign’s my sis and her hubs made for me. I haven’t found a place for them yet. Thanks Cyndy and Steve…I love ‘em!!



Here’s a long book shelf I bought at a YS….forgot to get a before…but it was jus’ plain wood….nothing fancy. Again…I don’t have much on this shelf either…it’s another piece that’s in my Living room…waiting to be decorated…LOL


The doors on the bottom open…I have some of  my favorite books stored in there…


Here’s a close up of the aging look I did to the shelf.


I’ve saved my favorite for last…

The hubs bought this desk for me from our local GW. I did have a nice solid oak old desk…in mint condition…but I changed my desktop computer to a laptop several months ago…and my old desk jus’ wasn’t big enough anymore. So the hubs surprised me with this desk…I didn’t get a before pic…but if you can imagine a Pinkish-Red color…well that’s jus’ what this desk looked like….Not Pretty!! Although, it’s a really nice solid oak desk….the drawers are dove tailed…very nicely made. Please pay no attention to my computer cords…those buggers are so hard to hide…LOL


Much more room for me with my new laptop…


Close up of the aging I did…


Hope you enjoyed seeing the new things that’s been going on here at our home.

Have a Wonderful day everyone!


Friday, July 2, 2010

My swap with Sheila

Hello everyone!

I wanted to share a pic. of the wonderful gifts Sheila from Seasons of Thy Heart sent to me.


(Click on picture to view larger image)

First off…I could smell the Sweet Annie before I even opened the box…Pure Heaven!!

She sent me so many things…I’m still trying to find homes for them all…(I keep moving them…LOL).

She made me a wonderful floral filled crow can…it’s jus’ beautiful...Prim Perfect!! She also sent me a punched tin candle holder…a bag of prim potpourri…with small material sunflowers…and a round prim box with a larger sunflower on it. A prim house pic with one of my favorite sayings….'”As for me and my house…we will serve the Lord”…then a little tiny bowl with a house painted on it and a tiny stand to hold the bowl…too cute!! And…a punched tin nightlight…my daughter had jus’ asked me to add another light to our stairway…looks perfect!

She also sent me a Jar of JalapeƱo jelly…my daughter and I have already tested the jelly…YUMMY!!! She made me a small firecracker pin…it is too cute! And a rolling pin to add to my small collection..LOL

Last…but not least…she knew I was a G-ma…so she made me the most wonderful stitchery…it says…

“Grandmas have pictures in their wallets where money used to be”

I love it!!

Thanks so much Sheila for the wonderful gifts you’ve sent to me…I sure do love ‘em all!!

Don’t forget to check out Sheila’s blog…you can find her here.

Have a wonderful evening everyone!