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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

It's been too long....

Hello everyone!
It's been so long since I've posted...I've been busy with everyday life and busy with my Prims. Now that things have calmed down...I'll be posting once again.

My digital camera and laptop are not working together right now...I dunno why. So until I get them to be "friends" again...I'll not be able to post any pictures....Not good! Hoping the hubs and I can get it figured out soon.

I would like everyone to know...that even though I've not posted...I still come to my blog daily and read everyone's updates.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas...we sure did.

Have a safe and Happy New Year!



  1. What's that saying? "life happens when your busy" or something like that. I know what you mean Darla.
    Good to see you back-I've thought of you often. Sending warm wishes for a Happy New Year!

  2. Whoo hoo.... our girls back with us in Blogland!!!! Good to have you back gf!!!!! I'm going to call ya soon now that Christmas is over,, I will have time to sit and Chat with you. I miss our chats!!!! And as far as the other thing,,,I finally got a test this morning...I could'nt stand it anymore.And it came up Negative Whoo hooo!! What a relief for Gil and I!! I called the Doctor to talk to her about the whole thing. And she said that I could be haveing A false Pregnany Due to Menoupause. And theres no telling how long I will feel like this. It's awful!! What a nightmare to go through at almost 50 years old!!! Do'nt get me wrong I love babies,,, But I wanna be able to love them..and give them back,,,and with my illness that would not have been good for neither me or the baby. I'll talk to ya soon... if you are going to be around tomorrow send me a message someplace and I'll call you then. HUGS!!!

  3. Welcome back, I have thought of you often and was hoping everything was alright.

    Happy New Year.

  4. Thanks girls....I sure have missed posting to my blog...but most of all I've missed all my wonderful Prim friends!

  5. Hi Darla! Miss you!! have a wonderful New Year's!!!

  6. Well, glad you had a wonderful Christmas and glad to have you back! I figured you were busy with your new grandbaby. =]

  7. Hey Darla!
    I loved my swap things! Tattered Teddy is adorable and everything smelled just awesome when I opened the box! The little sheep is so cute and you didn't even know that sheep are my favorite! Thanks so much! I hope you like your things when you get them!