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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Best Christmas Gift Ever!!!

7 weeks ago our Beloved Izzie got out of our home...she is strictly an indoor cat.
Well to make a very long story short....after lookin', posting, phone calls....and anything else you can think of....and lots and lots of tears.

Our Beloved Izzie was found and brought home tonight!!!

I can not begin to tell everyone how happy I am to have her home safe and sound. She will need to go to the vet tomorrow...she is thin....and her hair is matted up. But that isn't anything we can't fix. Thankfully!!!

Jus' wanted to share my joy with everyone else!!!
Our home is complete....again!!!


  1. Izzie is beautiful. She looks like my Bella, but bigger. I'm so happy for you that she is home with you all again. Merry Christmas! Carol

  2. That is an awesome Christmas present! I am glad that you got Izzie back...she is beautiful!

  3. So glad your baby made it back home. Our tabby went missing for 2 weeks once and I was about ready to give up on her when she made it home. Thankfully no kittens were brought home with her! lol

    Take care,

  4. Thanks so much everyone!!!
    Izzie did Great last night...she slept with me all night. Now I'm jus' waiting to get her in to see the vet this morning.

  5. Merry Christmas and I'm so glad you have your furr baby back. I'll bet she is completely thrilled and content to be home with you and your family. Best wishes at the vet and have a wonderful week ahead!! Lots of hugs, Dawn

  6. OH Darla!!!!! She is beautiful!!!! I guess I didn't loose the site after all!!!! I am a follower and just hadn't seen updates lately!!!! Hee hee!!! Wonderful for you all to have her back!!!!!! hugs carla

  7. Thanks Carla. That pic was taken right before she left. She doesn't look that healthy now...but trust me, we are feeding her and we'll get her back to her normal healthy self. She also needs groomed...she is matted like crazy. The vet is gonna take care of that for us. Soon she'll be her Beautiful self again. I still can't believe we have her back. I'm sooo THANKFUL and BLESSED!!!

  8. How wonderful to get Izzy back after so long and just in time for Christmas too - so nice to read such a happy story.

  9. Happy your kitty was found and safe at home.
    We have two that I know would freak if they got outside and lost....so would I.
    Glad it all is good with you now.

  10. I have 3 cats and 1 dog. They are all like our kids and a huge part of our family too. I would be beside myself if one of them went missing so I can only image your heart ache then, and your joy now.
    I am so glad she is home now, and I hope she is still doing good.

  11. Thanks Tasha!!
    It was terrible...I cried all the time. I jus' could not believe she was gone. I missed her so much!
    Now I can't believe she's back...and doing Great!!!

  12. So glad Izzie made her way back home. That's a long time to be gone. I'm sure she was just as thrilled to be back as you were for her to be home! She is a very pretty cat!