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Monday, May 10, 2010

More Stitcheries....

Morning everyone!!
I jus' wanted to share a few more of my stitcheries that I've made....Plus, some that I'm workin' on.
Here's the lil sheep one I posted last time....it's finally finished.

Here's jus' a small one I made awhile back...jus' finished it yesterday. Kinda plain...but sometimes I like jus' having something "Simple".

Here's what I'm workin' on...actually, I was able to finish this last night.
I made 2 of these....they will go on my end tables in my family room.

Here's some of my up coming stitcheries.
The one on the top will be framed...and the 2 on the bottom will be made into tags.

As you can see...I'm into stitchery right now....I love how they turn out...and esp. love the ones made into tags....they are so nice to hang really anywhere in your home.
(Click on pictures to view larger images)
Have a wonderful day!!


  1. great job !i luv the tag ones as well.god bless michelle

  2. WOW GF THOSE ARE ALL AWESOME!!! You do such wonderful work!! hugs!!

  3. you know darla the more i keep comin back to your blog to look at all these cuties,i think i found what im gonna do today,no cheerleading yippee so i got all day to fart around and do whatever i want.thanks for sgaring blessings michelle

  4. Darla, love em! You do awesome work my friend.
    hugz, Jody

  5. Great stitchery! Love them all!
    Have a great day.

    Prim Blessings,

  6. Cute, cute, cute!! I love the tags too and there is nothing wrong with simple ones, that are prim perfect too!

  7. Ohhh...You are so inspiring!
    They are just adorable.
    Happy Stitchen~

  8. These are great Darla!!
    Can't wait to see the rest finished....
    you are rocking these stitcheries out huh??!!