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Monday, May 24, 2010

Messin’ with candles…

Here’s jus’ a few candles I’ve been I’ve been makin’. I jus’ wanted to see if I could make some smaller “Nubbie” candles.

I started out with these long red tapered candles. I cut them apart to give me a few different sizes….being careful to not cut the wick. I then dipped them a few times in my wax…and rolled them in some cinnamon. Thanks to the help of my Dear Prim friend Donna.


I needed to replace the candles in my candle holder my sis got for me awhile back. I’m not real thrilled with the red candles that came with it.

Here’s the before…


And here’s the after…


I like the smaller “Nubbie” candles much better.

I need to hit GW to get more candles and keep tryin’ to perfect them...I’m still lookin’ to try to make them even smaller…like the actually “Nubbie'” candles you can buy. Over all, for my first time…I was pretty happy with the way they turned out.

(Click on pictures to view larger images)

Have a Great Day!!



  1. Great job Darla!!
    They turned out wonderful.
    I agree, I like the nubbies better.
    Arent nubby candles so darn Cute!! Hehee!

  2. Thanks Tam!!
    They are too cute...LOL

  3. Great job Darla! They look fantastic!!! I get a lot of candles from Goodwill and thrift stores in odd colors and grubby them up. I have been wanting some nubbie ones and never thought just to cut the ones I have!!! DUH!!! Thanks for the great idea.


  4. Darla,
    Those turned out great!


  5. Darla those are wonderful ! Love the nubby candles in your candle holder .By the way that is a great candle holder !

  6. Hey there great! I agree I like them better than he red ones too.

  7. Hi Darla,,
    Missed seeing you on here..love your stubbies.

  8. You did a great job on your candles and they do look so very prim in your candleholder...Traci

  9. Hey GF!!! We gotta hook up and make time to visit. Even if it's over the phone!!! lol!!! I miss ya !!!! Love your Nubbies... I will post a pic of the ones I did. I did'nt dip mine... I just cut them... whittled down the tops so they are flat...and covered them with the Texture fierro..and then rolled them in cinnamon and cloves.I love how they turned out.And omg they smell wonderful!! Hugs!!!.. Donna

  10. Darla,

    Those are awesome, love the nubbies.

    Hugz, Jody

  11. SO adorable Darla!! I just love how they turned out! So that's all you did? Was dip them in the wax and roll them in cinnamon? That just sounds way too easy!

    I think the nubbies look much better. Lol, I just love how spell checker is wanting me to change nubbies to nubbins or hubbies. Haha!! That cracks me up.

    I just wanted to mention that you need to watch for the after holiday sales. At Hobby Lobby, we usually have some tapers that are still around at 66%, 80% and sometimes even at 90% off! This past year I bought some bright orange ones after Halloween for 90% off. They're going to be covered anyway so what difference does the color matter... right?

  12. wow Darla those are so cute and look perfect in your holder, hugs, Kristy