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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Donna's Challenge...

Hi everyone!!
I know I'm posting my challenge item early...but I have an appointment early in the morn. So, I thought I'd jus' post my challenge item tonight.
Most of what I did came from ideas my wonderful friend Donna gave me awhile back. Donna always has awesome creative ideas....she told me how to achieve the old/rustic look. Thanks so much Donna...your ideas are always awesome...and Oh so Prim! PS....GEESH...I sure do MISS YA MY FRIEND!
Anyway...I decided to add one of my stitcheries to my can...and the hub's put holes in the can so I could add the rusty wire.

(Click on picture to view larger image)

Actually, I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out...you know us Prim Gals...most of the time we're not very happy with what we've made...LOL But, I must admit, I'm very Pleased with this lil guy...didn't take long to make either.
Thanks so much Donna for havin' this challenge! I would have never made this if you wouldn't have had your challenge for all of us.
I'm lookin' forward to seein' every one's creativity....(I sure hope I don't miss any)
Prim Blessings!


  1. WHOOOOOO HOOOOOO Darla I'm sooooooooooooooo loving this !!!! I love the little stitchery added to it!!! Beautiful job GF!!! And I really miss chatting with you too !!!!! HOPEFULLY we can chat here again sometime soon!!!! And by the way I really am not in the least bit happy with the one I did ...and I did'nt get the chance to redo it afterall. So you are going to laugh when you see what I post in it's place!!!!! LOL...YOU WILL DEFINATELY RECOGNISE IT!!! (Wink!!!) And you would have come up with that idea all on your own...Geeze!!!! You did'nt need any help from me!! We great minds think alike ya know!!! RLMAO!!!!! HUGS TO YA!!! ... Donna

  2. Thanks so much!! It sure does mean alot to me!

    Hopefully this week we can chat...hubs goes back to work Thursday on days....and Ryan's at camp until Sat morning...I miss him so much already! :O(

    I am so sure that what you post will be awesome...I have never seen anything you make that I didn't like. I'm so excited to see...LOL

    I sure do appreciate all the help/tips you've givin' me through the months that I've known you....GEESH...seems like years...def. not months...LOL
    Gotta go...need to get up early...UGH!!
    Thanks my friend!!

  3. Wow Darla!
    That's cute. I wanted to play too, but this challenge happened to be right when we planned vacation. Sigh.... Maybe next time. I can't wait to see what all of you come up with.
    Happy Craftin,

  4. Wow Darla I love what you did with your can, fantastic job....

  5. Thanks Beryl!!
    Love yours too...left a comments at your site.

  6. I sooo love your can! I think it turned out so prim perfect :0) Awesome job!
    The Olde Willow

  7. What an adorable can!! Great job Darla! Wish I was as creative!!

  8. Sweet Darla, I love it, I didn't get a chance to make anything, I have a couple of cans outside getting rusty. Eventually I make something, just wayyyy too late for the challenge.
    Great job!

  9. Now I have 2 favorites, love the way your can turned out Darla! Your stitchery is super! Blessings, Traci

  10. Hi Darla,
    What a wonderful job.
    Looks great!!

  11. Darla, this is awesome! i love how you gals are all recycling trash into treasures! Wish I could do that myself!***sigh***
    ★ Linda ★

  12. Darla, it came out AwEsOmE!!!!!!! Great job chica!!!! I love it!
    Hugs Brandi~

  13. Your can came out awesome~ wow I love it! Now I want to make some... lol

  14. This is prim rusty perfect Darla!!

    LoVe the stitchery added to it!!

    GReaT JoB!!


  15. Very creative and so cheap to make! Who would have thought that an old tin can could be so prim?! Great job on the challenge girl!

  16. Very nice and prim! I love it! Is there any way you might share how to get the rusty look with us? If so you can email me at connie@countrycabin.ca

  17. Hi Darla,

    Awesome job on the can..love the rusty wire idea...and your stitchery add's the prim touch to it..I would love to know how you made this..I would love to try one for myself...I would just love for you to email if you want to pjwdmw58@verizon.net

    Prim hugs