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Friday, April 30, 2010

Stitchery I've been workin' on...

Hello everyone!!
Jus' wanted to show ya a few things I've been doing.
This first pic is a stitchery I made to lay on my basket in my MBath....it was lookin' too plain to me...so, I thought I'd add this stitchery to it.
Not real thrilled with this one....but it'll work for now.

This is my Favorite...Love it!!!
My Grubby Muslin Tag Stitchery.
I think it turned out Great....love the saying too.
I'll for sure be makin' more of these type of tags.

Here's jus' a close up of the tag.

Here's my work in progress....it'll be another tag once I'm done.

That's it.
(Click on pictures to view larger images)
Thanks for stoppin' by...
Hope you have a Great Day!!


  1. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH everythings Awesome GF!! Love the pillow and the tag... you are right..the verse on the tag is a nice one. Cant wait to see your lil sheep stitchery when you finish it!! I just wish I had the patience and the dexterity in my hands to stitch.. but that will never happen. lol!! You are so talented hon!!

  2. AWWWW...Thanks so much Donna...I sure do appreciate your kind words!!!
    GF...you know I'd be more than HAPPY to make any stitchery for you that you'd want.
    PLEASE...PLEASE send me some ideas!!!

  3. Love it!!!!! Love the lil sheep one...Hugs Maria

  4. Hi Darla! I'm really into stitcheries right now myself and I love everything you have done here! They look great! Can't wait to see the sheep one when you get it finished. Enjoy your weekend!

  5. I really enjoy your blog and you are very talented...Can't wait to see your new stitchery when finished..Have a great weekend..

  6. Now that's something that I just haven't learned. You do beautiful work! I may have to start off with a small project one of these days. Show us your lamb of glory when it's done. Cathy

  7. Darla...that pillow is perfect!!

    Love the tags...great job on all of it!!


  8. LOVE IT! I wish I had more time in the day...I must fess up.... I still have a stitchery that I have not finished (I started it about 20 years ago!) SAD.... I'm inspired, If you can finish these I can finish mine! Or at least get it out and think about it... Ha Ha!
    Great Job, can't wait to see the next one finished!


  9. I disagree with you - I love the stitchery you did for the top of your basket. That's a great job and I love that saying. I love stitching too - especially when sitting in front of the TV. Happy sewing!

  10. That pillow looks great to me, and the blessed is the peace makers tag. . .i LOVE IT!!!

  11. Hi Darla! I love to stitch too! I think you did a fantastic job sweetie! I just finished some little sheep peg hangers and bowl filler today. I think you have inspired my to get out my floss! LOL I have been working on a beeskep, but its not too much stitching there. I do have some pillows I am working on though and that may take a little more time. Can't wait to see the lamb when you are all done.

  12. okay that should have said inspired me not my LOL!!!

  13. I love your tag stitcheries! You do awesome work, Valerie

  14. I love your stitching! The tag is adorable and I'm loving the new tag you're making! Sweet job girl!

  15. Thanks everyone for all of your kind words!!
    Sorry it's taken me so long to get back with everyone.