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Friday, April 9, 2010

Master bath make-over

Morning everyone!!!
Jus' wanted to share a few pics of our mater bath. I've been workin' on a make-over in this room.
Sorry I didn't get all of the before pic...the only thing I had before...was the wall decorated...(decorated differently).
Oh...jus' wanted to tell ya too...when we moved into our home about 7 years ago...this bathroom had white walls...with a tiny white and green vine boarder at the top of the walls...the floors where white with green squares...and the cupboards where really dark unmatched wood stain....UGLY!!
About 3 years ago...Hubs and I antiqued the cupboards....painted the walls green added the boarder...and added the bead board and antiqued it to match the cupboards. Hubs and bro-in-law laid our new wood floor.
Onto the current make-over...
Here's a before pic of the chair I had in my bedroom at my vanity. Once I added it to my bathroom...it was too much green. My walls are green in the master bath...so I felt that it needed to be another color to try to pop the colors in my boarder.
Here's another pic of the chair painted black..sanded and antiqued with my fav. shoe polish...my pillow wasn't all the way done yet...and I hadn't changed the material on the seat. The main reason for this pic is to show you why I can't add too much to the chair.
My girl Izzie has decided this is a new bed for her...LOL

Here's the chair finished....pillow done, new material on the seat...and my new kitter kat I made.

Here's a close up of the Early style cupboard that the hubs and I made a few weeks back. Thanks to Evelyn and her hubs over at Lee Hill Primitives for the wonderful tutorial they posted. You can find their tutorial here.
I'm not able to have the door open...as I store our towels and washrags in here.
Lovin' this!!!

Here's a close up of the wall above the cupboard.

Here's the final pic of everything all together.
I'm not real thrilled with the lighting in the pic...but you get the idea.

Loving the new look....all that I have left to do is...find a new shower curtain...and I have one small wall to re-decorate.
(Click on pictures to view larger images)
Thanks so much for stoppin' by!!!
Have a wonderful day!!!


  1. Looks amaaaaaazing & I am sure you are oh so happy with the way it turned out! Love the chair makeover...you did a great job!
    Have a great day=)

  2. Thanks Pam!!!
    I am very happy with the way it's coming along...can't wait to be done with it though...LOL
    Have a wonderful day!!!

  3. I love the way everything is arranged - comes together so well! Thanks for sharing!
    Have a great weekend!


  4. That turned out AWESOME!!! I LOVE that cabinet for the towels and the chair, so cute with the kitty you made AND the real one, LOL!!!! Love the wall color and the flooring too;)

  5. Oh my gosh....I love it all! What a great cabinet, and the chair makeover! The kitter kat...too cute!

    Great job!

  6. Your bathroom looks great. All the colors and accessories make it cozy. Love the cabinet!


  7. Looking great Darla! Love Izzy in the chair! I think she likes your pillow too! You have come a long way and it all looks very nice! Your cabinet turned out really nice! I like the bath towel idea. I have a large basket and have been looking for another idea for them.

  8. Looks fabulous!!! You definitely need to post the directions on that cabinet!!

  9. OMGosh!!
    Thanks so much Lori for saying that...I totally forgot to give credit!!!
    Gotta change that right now!!!

  10. Oh Gf it looks AWESOME !!!! Love all your new handdid prims !!!!! Nice job!! Now wanna trot right over here to New Hampshire and do mine??? lol!!!! Hugs!!

  11. Love it. How about a grungied up muslin shower curtain?? Stencil some kitties, or salt box houses, maybe wrap cheap plastic shower curtain rings with some homespun. Just thinkin.~~lol~~

  12. Thanks Donna...and you know if I could jus' "trot' on over to your house...I'd be there every day!!! learning from you of course!!!

  13. Ronda...what an awesome idea!!!
    I have tons of muslin too!!! Wonder how the coffee stain would hold up with all the steam in the bathroom?? I've never stenciled before in my life...but how hard could it really be...I'm sure finding a stencil that I need would be harder.
    Love...Love your idea...gonna have to see what I can do to make it happen.
    Thanks so much...I sure do appreciate it!!!

  14. Darla your master bath looks so nice!!

    Love the chair especially with kitty so relaxed on it!!

    And that adorable cupboard hubs and you made...just awesome!!

    Love how you have it all displayed!!


  15. Very nice!! I love the color of the walls. The border and all your goodies blend in so nicely. I love it all! You did a great job on that chair makeover. I really like that muslin pocket hanging on the door.. never seen one before.

  16. What a great makeover ! Wondering , what type of flooring is that ?

  17. Thanks Deb...it's jus' a floating wood floor...the wood kinda looks like old weathered barnwood...I love it. We didn't buy it...one of the hubs friends gave it to us several years back...it was their left over...but enough for us to do our MBath with it.

  18. That is what I thought it was , I mean I thought it was barn siding . I love it !

  19. Darla, love your updated bathroom. Wish mine had some size to it to make it nicer. Its just a small bathroom. Love your blog. Connie cmcmamo